Lawrence County Fiscal Court Meeting


December 20th, 2012

9:30 a.m.

  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Call Meeting to Order
  4. Approve Minutes of the November 19th Meeting & December 6th Special Meeting
  5. Approve 2nd Reading of Budget Amendment #2
  6. Approve Treasurer’s Request
  7. Approve  Bills
  8. Approve Treasurer’s Report
  9. Approve donation to the KY National Guard Memorial Fund
  10. Approve KY Sheriffs’ Boys & Girls Ranch 2013 dues
  11. Approve 2nd reading to repeal Ordinance #96-006
  12. Approve purchase of graders using state contract price
  13. Approve Agreement and Resolution between KYTC  and Lawrence Co. for construction of bridges ($81,200 – CB01 Rural Secondary Fund)
  14. Approve Memorandum of Agreement with Kentucky Infrastructure Authority & Resolution RE: Various Waterline Extensions HB 265 Project #B407 ($125,000.00)
  15. Approve executive order appointing members to the Louisa Area Fire and Rescue Board
  16. Approve executive order appointing members to the Lawrence County Tourism Commission
  17. Approve executive order proposal regarding Youth Programs in Lawrence County (H. Preston)
  18. Accept Big Sandy Water District 2013 Budget
  19. Review KACo Earthquake Quote
  20. Discuss request by Westek Development, LLC (Tonya Johnson)
  21. Discuss advertisement for metal building
  22. Award bids on 4 county bridges
  23. Award bids on Surplus Property
  24. Public Comments
  25.  Adjourn