Lawrence County Fiscal Court

  December 15, 2015

Regular Meeting Agenda

 10:00 a.m.

  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Call Meeting to Order
  4. Approve minutes of the  November 17, 2015 Meeting
  5. Approve  2nd Reading of Budget Amendment # 2
  6. Approve Treasurers Request
  7. Approve Bills
  8. Accept Treasurer’s Report
  9. Approve County Clerk’s  2016  Budget
  10. Set Salary Caps for County Clerk Deputies
  11. Approve Road off of Bowe Hollow to be used and maintained so residents

can use during floods as an escape route pending landowners permission

  1.  Allow Air Evac to Speak
  2.   Approve to Amend Fee Ordinance to allow Big Sandy Fire Dept. to get paid

the $15.00 Fee for Residents they are required to cover in case of Fire,

Emergency, etc. in Lawrence County

  1. Reappoint Cathi  Blair to the LC Tourism Commission Exp. 12-31-18
  2. Reappoint Colleen Stone to the LC Fire and Rescue Bd. Exp. 12-31-18
  3. Reappoint Darlene Staniford to the LC Planning and Zoning Commission


  1. Reappoint Ryan Sammons to the LC Planning and Zoning Commission Exp.


  1. Reappoint Clyde Johns to the Fivco Aging Board Exp. 12-31-18
  2. Reappoint Jerry Cossett to the Fred M. Vinson Committee Exp. 12-31-19
  3. Approve taking Pinewood Place into County Road System 0.120
  4. Approve taking Cheyenne Dr. 0.020
  5. Approve taking Dogwood Branch into County Road System 0.400
  6. Approve Sheriff’s  2016 Budget
  7. Approve Sheriff’s  Bonds
  8. Approve Sheriff’s  State Advancement
  9. Approve Deputies Maximum Salary
  10. Approve Resolution for the KARD Grant Funding /Soar
  11.  Public Comments
  12.  Adjourn